What does don we now our gay apparel mean

What is a gay apparel mean?

gay apparel(Noun) Festive attire, party clothes.

Who originally sang Deck the Halls?

Thomas Oliphant

What is the meaning of Deck the Halls?

Deck the halls is a phrase that one may hear during the holiday season. We will examine the definition of the term deck the halls, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. To deck the halls means to decorate for Christmas, especially if one will be entertaining guests.

Which is correct Deck the hall or deck the halls?

In 1862, songwriter Thomas Oliphant published the modern lyrics with one major difference: he wrote “Deck the hall,” not “halls.” The earliest known change to “Deck the halls” was in the 1930s, and while that is the most popular version, “Deck the hall” is still sung.

What does Don we now mean?

The original “Deck the Hall,” a Welsh air with words by Thomas Oliphant, was published in 1862 as a song for New Year’s Eve. When Oliphant wrote “don we now our gay apparel” he surely meant something like ‘brightly colored, festive’ clothing. … By the nineteenth century gay could serve as a euphemism for prostitution.

What Don means?

To don means to put on, as in clothing or hats. A hunter will don his camouflage clothes when he goes hunting.

What is the oldest Christmas Carol?

Jesus Refulsit Omnium

Why do we deck the halls with boughs of holly?

You might wonder, when singing this carol, what exactly we are doing to the halls when we deck them with boughs of holly. … However,deck in this sense actually means “to decorate or adorn brightly or festively” and comes from Middle Dutch decken “to cover”.

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What does fa la la la la mean?

noun. a text or refrain in old songs. a type of part song or madrigal popular in the 16th and 17th centuries.

What is the definition of boughs of holly?

A bough is a large branch from a tree. You know: “When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall…” A “lullaby” about a baby careening to the ground from a broken branch? (Nice.) Also, “holly boughs” and “blossomy boughs” sound much more musical than “branches.” What rhymes with branches? …

What means deck?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a platform in a ship serving usually as a structural element and forming the floor for its compartments. 2 : something resembling the deck of a ship: such as. a : a story or tier of a building (such as a sports stadium) the upper deck.

What is the meaning of boughs?

main branch

Is Deck the Halls a madrigal?

‘Deck the Halls’ Madrigal Influence

Madrigals were a traditional secular musical form during the Rennaissance in Europe and were typically sung a cappella (without instrumental accompaniment). … Most of his translations were in a similar style to “Deck the Halls,” with entirely new lyrics set to familiar melodies.

What is the historical background of singing fa la la?

Balletto, in music, genre of light vocal composition of the late 16th–early 17th centuries, originating in Italy. Dancelike and having much in common with the madrigal, a major vocal form of the period, it is typically strophic (stanzaic) with each of the two repeated parts ending in a “fa-la-la” burden, or refrain.

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