Transgender packer

Can you pee through a packer?

The STP (Stand To Pee) Packer is a device which allows you to urinate while standing up. Using the toilet has never been so easy! … Don’t get discouraged if you dribble the first time or two – with a little practice, the Stand To Pee Penis will work perfectly every time!

What is the best FTM Packer?

The Classic Starter Packer / Best Cheap Packer

Limpy is the best product on the market. A Mr. Limpy will run anywhere from 12.95 – $18.95 depending on the size you want. But even with this low price tag, the Mr.

What is a prosthetic Packer?

In our collective mind, a packer- also called a ‘prosthetic’- is any object (sock, silicone, or otherwise) that allows anyone of any gender to ‘sport a package’. At, we carry a number of different packers in different colours and materials that are explicitly made for this purpose.

How can I be a good packer?

6 Ways to Become a Master Packer

  1. Bring less stuff. It might sound simple, but when going off on a big adventure that will include lots of different activities, it can be a challenge to cut down your packing list. …
  2. Color-code your suitcase. …
  3. Use a better carry-on. …
  4. Keep your liquids secure. …
  5. Be savvy with your shoes. …
  6. Protect your devices.

How does a packer work?

A packer is run in the casing on production tubing or wireline. Once the desired depth is reached, the slips and element must be expanded out to contact the casing. Axial loads are applied to push the slips up a ramp and to compress the element, causing it to expand outward.

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What is an STP?

An ‘STP’ or a ‘stand-to-pee’ device allows you to pee standing up. STPs range from plastic non-realistic funnels to hyper-realistic silicone penises. STPs can help curb gender dysphoria by enabling you to pee while standing, and also use public bathrooms, including the urinal.

What is the purpose of a packer?

The packer (more accurately described as the ‘upper completion production packer’) is a key piece of downhole equipment in many completions – a sealing device that isolates and contains produced fluids and pressures within the tubing string; it is a well barrier element, usually part of the well’s primary well barrier, …

Why are they called Packers?

The company gave its name to the Green Bay Packers. The football team took its name after Curly Lambeau, a shipping clerk for the company, successfully asked the company’s owner, Frank Peck, for money for jerseys and use of the company’s athletic field in 1919.

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