Transgender employment issues

How do you address transgender employment issues in the workplace?

How to Address Transgender Employment Issues in the Workplace

  • Recommended Practices. …
  • Policies and training: Revise handbooks, equal opportunity, anti-harassment, open-door and similar policies to include “gender identity and expression.”

Is gender reassignment surgery covered by FMLA?

Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA).

Some that may qualify could include treatment related to gender identity disorder, overnight hospital stays related to sex-reassignment surgeries and continued counseling with a mental health professional.

How should an employer handle a transgender employee’s request for a name change?

Employers should handle a name change request from a transgender employee the same way they handle any employee’s name change request. Anyone can legally change his or her name (assuming it is not for fraudulent reasons), choose to go by a nickname or use an “English name” if his or her name is difficult to pronounce.

How do you handle transitions in the workplace?

Use the following problem-solving strategies to help deal with workplace changes or job transitions:

  1. Remember your strengths; do what you know how to do well.
  2. Decide what you have control over related to your own behavior.
  3. Generate options for solving the problem—think of various possibilities.

Is a domestic partner covered under FMLA?

The coverage for a domestic partner as a family member may be required by state law or voluntarily provided by an employer, but FMLA does not include a domestic partner as a family member. Therefore the first leave cannot be counted against her FMLA balance.

How long is the transition process?

Some of the physical changes begin in as little as a month, though it may take as long as 5 years to see the maximum effect. For example, men transitioning to women can expect A-cup and occasionally larger breasts to fully grow within 2 to 3 years. But hormone therapy does more than alter your appearance.

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What is a transition meeting at work?

The Transition Plan documents critical information about duties that may be temporarily reassigned to a designated back-up or transitioned to a new employee upon a vacancy, whether planned or unplanned, temporary or permanent.

What does transition team do?

According to the Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition, the purpose of the Transition Team is to guide the President-elect and the entire government through the transition process.

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