Transgender cleavage

What is a woman’s cleavage?

Cleavage is the narrow depression or hollow between human breasts. The top portion of cleavage may be accentuated by clothing such as a low-cut neckline that exposes the division.

How do you reveal cleavage?

Revealing Cleavage

Some cleavage looks sensual and feminine; too much with too little support looks improper. To show off your cleavage modestly, try: A slip dress that just grazes the bust or falls into a low “V” shape at the center of the bust.

How do you get cleavage with wide set breasts?

For cleavage purposes, you should look for plunge-style bras. These bras have short gores and, therefore, hold the breasts closely together. A bra with a low gore and decent side support will ensure the breasts are close to give you some lift and cleavage. Another option is to choose a push-up bra.

Why do girls wear bras?

Getting a Bra

Bras can protect breast tissue and keep the breasts supported. Some girls may also like that bras smooth out their silhouettes and make them feel more comfortable. A bra can make a girl feel less exposed when she’s wearing a light shirt, such as a T-shirt.

Do drag queens wear bras?

With the help of readily available breast enhancement supplies and makeup, even the thinnest drag queen can give the appearance of cleavage. … Do not use a bra that’s too big as you need tightness to push the skin of your breasts inward, toward the center of your chest.

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