Teddy geiger transgender

What happened Teddy Geiger?

Teddy Geiger made a name for herself as a rising teen star in the early 2000s but has remained behind the scenes in the music industry in recent years. Geiger made headlines in October when she announced that she is transitioning. … Geiger said that the program helped her “get to the bottom of the gender thing.”

How old is Teddy Geiger?

32 года (16 сентября 1988 г.)

How tall is Teddy Geiger?

1,8 м

What TV show was Teddy Geiger on?

Продюсер2006 г.

Is Teddy Geiger a woman now?

Geiger came out as a trans woman in October 2017, and has said that she “knew she was female at 5 years old.” She has also said that she intends to continue to use her birth name, Teddy.

Who wrote Shawn Mendes stitches?

Shawn MendesTeddy GeigerDaniel KyriakidesDanny Parker

What is Shawn Mendes alter ego?

Benito Mendes

Who wrote treat you better by Shawn Mendes?

Shawn MendesTeddy GeigerScott Harris

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