Spironolactone for transgender

Does spironolactone inhibit breast growth?

If you are taking the androgen blocker called spironolactone without estrogen because you do not want visible changes, you might see some breast growth. This growth happens slowly, so you can stop taking it if you do not want breast growth. Breast growth from spironolactone is usually small and reversible.

How much spironolactone does it take to block testosterone?

Spironolactone mainly works by blocking androgen receptors. The dose of spironolactone is usually slowly increased from 25 to 200 mg daily, taken at night.

Does spironolactone affect testosterone levels?

Spironolactone is also the most commonly used antiandrogen in the United States to block testosterone during gender hormone therapy and to encourage development of secondary sex characteristics, such as breasts.

What does hormone therapy do for transgender male to female?

Feminizing hormone therapy is used to induce physical changes in your body caused by female hormones during puberty (secondary sex characteristics) to promote the matching of your gender identity and your body (gender congruence).

Does Spiro increase estrogen?

Spironolactone has been found in some studies to increase levels of estradiol, an estrogen, although many other studies have found no changes in estradiol levels.

Can spironolactone make you gain weight?

There are concerns that spironolactone can cause weight gain, but there isn’t much evidence it does. For example, the package insert for the drug doesn’t list weight gain as a side effect. Along with weight gain, many people worry that spironolactone will make their skin look worse when they first start taking it.

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Is there an alternative to spironolactone?

Amiloride and triamterene may be used instead of spironolactone. They have a direct effect on the renal tubule, impairing sodium reabsorption in exchange for potassium and hydrogen.

What are the adverse effects of spironolactone?

Spironolactone may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

  • vomiting.
  • diarrhea.
  • stomach pain or cramps.
  • enlarged or painful breasts in men or women.
  • irregular menstrual periods.

What are the long term side effects of spironolactone?

If you take too much: If you take too much of this drug, you may have the following symptoms:

  • drowsiness.
  • confusion.
  • skin rash.
  • nausea.
  • vomiting.
  • dizziness.
  • diarrhea.
  • changes in your body’s electrolytes, which can cause irregular heart rate or muscle pain and cramping.

How quickly does spironolactone lower testosterone?

Interestingly, administration of the main metabolite of spironolactone, canrenone, appears to decrease testosterone by 50–60% within hours in healthy men (13) and in conjunction with oestradiol, spironolactone decreases testosterone (14). Cyproterone acetate is a steroidal anti-androgen and works in two ways.

Can you drink alcohol on spironolactone?

What should I avoid while taking spironolactone? Drinking alcohol can increase certain side effects of spironolactone. Do not use salt substitutes or low-sodium milk products that contain potassium. These products could cause your potassium levels to get too high while you are taking spironolactone.

Is 50 mg of spironolactone enough?

The majority of adverse effects associated with spironolactone are dose-dependent. Low-dose therapy using 25 to 50mg daily is generally very well tolerated, and even 100 mg daily is not problematic in most cases.

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Does estrogen make a man feminine?

Traditionally, testosterone and estrogen have been considered to be male and female sex hormones, respectively. However, estradiol, the predominant form of estrogen, also plays a critical role in male sexual function. Estradiol in men is essential for modulating libido, erectile function, and spermatogenesis.

Does estrogen change your face?

Because the shape of the face is determined during puberty, boosting oestrogen in later life may improve the appearance of the skin but would not change the face, added Ms Law Smith.

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