Lgbt friendly caribbean islands

Which Caribbean island is the friendliest?


Is Aruba safe for LGBT?

Aruba is frequently referred to as one of the Caribbean’s most LGBT-friendly islands, with various venues, hotels and restaurants catering to LGBT clientele or otherwise advertising as “LGBT-friendly”. Several specific gay bars and clubs have opened in the capital city of Oranjestad.

Which Caribbean island has the least amount of crime?


Which Caribbean island has the most beautiful water?

Top 10 Caribbean Beaches

  • Eagle Beach, Aruba. With miles of clean shores, tranquil waters and picture-perfect weather year-round, Aruba sees its fair share of tourism. …
  • Trunk Bay, St. John. …
  • Crane Beach, Barbados. …
  • Palominos Island, Puerto Rico. …
  • Philipsburg, St Maarten. …
  • Nassau, Bahamas. …
  • Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. …
  • Harrismith Beach, Barbados.

What is the most dangerous Caribbean island?


Where is the cheapest Caribbean island to fly?

Dominican Republic

Is St Lucia dangerous?

St Lucians are relatively well-off, and crime rates are low. … The St Lucian authorities are working with the tourism industry to maintain a safe environment for visitors. Nevertheless, muggings and theft from hotels, yachts or holiday rentals do occur, and occasionally come with violence.

What is the most dangerous island in the world?

North Sentinel Island

Which Caribbean island has the best beaches?

Best Caribbean Beaches

  • U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Turks & Caicos.
  • British Virgin Islands.
  • Bahamas.
  • Anguilla.
  • Cayman Islands.
  • St. Vincent & The Grenadines.
  • Aruba.

Where is clearest water in Caribbean?

Exuma, Bahamas

What is the prettiest Caribbean island?

The Most Beautiful Islands in the Caribbean

  • Getty. Jamaica. Many people use Jamaica as their entry into the Caribbean, whether its for a food crawl or an exclusive trip to GoldenEye (one of our favorite, small resorts in the world). …
  • Getty. Cayman Islands.
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