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How many LGBT members are in Congress?

As of November 2019, there were nine openly LGBT members of the 116th Congress – all Democrats. This list only includes people who are openly LGBT or were outed after their deaths in obituaries. Current members of Congress are shaded in gray. There has never been an openly transgender member of Congress.

What Congress is in 2020?

The 116th United States Congress is the current meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

116th United States Congress115th ← → 117thUnited States Capitol (2020)January 3, 2019 – January 3, 2021Senate PresidentMike Pence (R)

What percentage of the US Congress is female?

As of August 25, 2020, there are 100 women in the U.S. House of Representatives (not counting four female territorial delegates), making women 23.2% of the total of U.S. Representatives.

Is expulsion from Congress rare?

The United States Constitution (Article 1, Section 5) gives the House of Representatives the power to expel any member by a two-thirds vote. Expulsion of a Representative is rare: only five members of the House have been expelled in its history.

Is Senator Tammy Baldwin married?

Tammy BaldwinBornTammy Suzanne Green Baldwin February 11, 1962 Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.Political partyDemocraticDomestic partnerLauren Azar (1998–2010)RelationsDavid E. Green (grandfather) Rowena Green Matthews (aunt)

Who is the speaker of the House’s boss?

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives is the leader of the United States House of Representatives. The Speaker is elected by the current members of the House. The person with the most votes becomes Speaker. The current Speaker is Democrat Nancy Pelosi of California.

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What is a majority in the House?

The party with a majority of seats in the House is known as the majority party. The next-largest party is the minority party. The speaker, committee chairs, and some other officials are generally from the majority party; they have counterparts (for instance, the “ranking members” of committees) in the minority party.

Is the Senate red or blue?

States colored red have two Republican senators, blue states have two Democratic senators, while purple states have one of each. States with green stripes have a senator from one party and an independent, who caucuses with the Democrats.

Who is the oldest woman in Congress?

The oldest sitting senator is Dianne Feinstein (born 1933).

How many female governors are there in the US?

As of January 2020, forty-four women have served or are serving as the governor of a U.S. state (and two acting governors due to vacancies), three women have served or are serving as the governor of an unincorporated U.S. territory. Two women have served or are serving as mayors of the District of Columbia.

Has anyone been expelled from Congress?

Expulsions from Congress

In the entire history of the United States Congress, 20 Members have been expelled: 15 from the Senate and 5 from the House of Representatives (of those, one member’s expulsion, William K. Sebastian of Arkansas, was posthumously reversed).

What does censure Trump mean?

In the United States, governmental censure is done when a body’s members wish to publicly reprimand the President of the United States, a member of Congress, a judge or a cabinet member. It is a formal statement of disapproval.

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