Winter 2014 Opener

Mayhem opened their winter 2014 session at the North barn last night.  With a short bench of 5 forwards, 3 D’s and goalie we knew we were in for a test of endurance. While most of the 1st period play was in the Mayhem defense zone the team held tight to their positions and defended the net with only one goal slipping in.  Encouraged, the team went into the second period with confidence.  After two and a half minutes of hard fast play those rascals got two pucks past our brick wall guarding the net.  The energy tanks started to run low as Mayhem continued strong with more breakaways and offensive play.  Ultimately our net got too hungry and ate 6 six pucks before the period was over.  Mayhem chose to play the third period on a running clock and use the time for practice like a drop in hockey game.  Forwards got to play each position and the forwards and D’s changed up on the ice as well.  The tactic proved successful and we only gave away one goal.  The final score was 8-0 in a well-played game.

Undeterred by defeat, the team’s moral remained high during and after the game with lots of encouragement, positive reinforcement and respect for each other’s skill development.  Greg, our goalie and captain, was unanimously declared player of the game.

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