Welcome Future Team Members

Mayhem is a team where first time players and those with years of recreation hockey experience come together to play the greatest sport ever. As an LGBT team we care about your abilities skill and knowledge and not your orientation or gender identity.  You won’t have to check your identity at the door.  The team is comprised of both LGBT and straight ally players, both are always welcome.  We play on Thursday night in the Chiller Adult Hockey League (CAHL) and games are played at all 8 of the chiller rinks.  Games start as early at 7:00PM in the summer and as late as 11:30PM in the fall and winter sessions.  You are responsible for your own equipment however, on occasion current players might have spare gear to share until you get your own.  A list of equipment requirements is listed below.

Players must be 18 years or older and are required to join USA Hockey ($40/yr) before playing (CAHL requirement).  Pay to play fees* are required to be paid to Gay Hockey Ohio or through the CHAL web site.  Players share equally to cover the $2,800 team session fee.

*Full time- $200.00 per session, Part time/sub- $20.00 per game as of 5/2012.

Skill, Ability & Knowledge:  Skate forward, turn & stop.  Basic understanding and application of positions is good but can be developed without experience.

EQUIPMENT: skates, shin guards, cup/pelvic shield, hockey pants, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and helmet (while a visor or cage is not required 99% of players use them)

 Current Openings as of 1/2015:
Full Time Forward -1 openings
Full Time Defense-1 openings
Subs – 0 openings

Players interested in joining Mayhem or wanting more information should contact president@gayhockeyohio.com.